You'll Never Forget To Wear Sunscreen After Seeing This

If you find yourself at the beach opting for a tan over sunscreen, you might want to reconsider your priorities.

Writer and portrait artist Thomas Leveritt took to the streets with an ultraviolet camera to reveal people's sun damage under his special lens. The camera shows the not-yet-visible effects the sun has on skin.

You may not think you have any freckles.

But the UV camera may reveal you have more than you think.

Because the sun sees you differently.

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause many negative effects on the skin, including an uneven amount of melanin production, dilation of blood vessels, liver spots, wrinkles and, of course, skin cancer.

The video notes that pretty much everyone is born with good skin but mentions skin can age at different speeds. Coverage is vital in order to keep skin healthy and slow the aging process.

This is what sunscreen coverage looks like. (The black marks show where the sunscreen has been applied.)

Welp, lesson learned: Wear sunscreen.


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