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Uma Thurman & Vogue Australia: Who Wore It Better? (PHOTOS)

We were a bit undecided on the dress Uma Thurman wore to Louis Vuitton yesterday. On the one hand, cutouts = so chic. On the other hand? The color was a bit drab, the shape a bit dumpy (and Uma is certainly not dumpy) and the shoes a poor pairing.

Then we saw the same dress styled as a coverup on the latest cover of Vogue Australia. And we totally changed our minds.

Alina Baikova, shot by Nicole Bentley, wears the dress over a red and white bathing suit for the magazine's November cover, hiking it up over her bronzed legs and adding a bright belt.

The look just screams summer (which, given Australia's reverse seasons, makes perfect sense) and looks drastically different with just a bit of sun and a lot of skin.

Take a look below -- which style do you prefer?