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Uma Thurman Looked Hot Back In Her Modeling Days (PHOTO)

We all know Uma Thurman as the seasoned actress who stars in hit movies like "Pulp Fiction," hooks up with A-listers like Ethan Hawke and walks the red carpet like it was made especially for her. But few people are aware of where she came from and how she got there. The 5'11" stunner has a Hindu name, was raised Buddhist, and spent some of her childhood living in the India -- in fact, the Dalai Lama sometimes visited her home. She first started acting in middle school and eventually dropped out of high school to pursue her career. Although the big screen was Thurman's main passion, she also modeled along the way (maybe she was inspired by her cat-walking mother?), and found success in British Vogue and Glamour.

In celebration of Thurman's 43rd birthday (on April 29), we are taking a look back at an old photo of the star. In this '80s snap we see her at a photo shoot looking, well, different. Between her very messy updo, piercing blue eyes and toplessness, we're not sure where to focus our attention first. Maybe we could start with the fact that the only thing covering her body is a piece of fur? Despite her interesting getup, she still manages to look drop-dead gorgeous (as always!).

uma thurman hotGetty Images/Andrea Blanch/Contributor

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