Umpire Paul Emmel Gets Bloody Head Gash When Bat Hits Him

The ump was treated at the hospital.

There are greater hazards in umpiring than fans and players harassing you over calls.

Witness Paul Emmel's scary moment Thursday night when a bat flew out of Angels hitter Jefry Marte's hands and bashed open a bloody wound to Emmel's head in Anaheim, California.

Emmel crumpled to the dirt as medical staff for both the Oakland A's and the Angels raced out to help him, The Orange County Register reported.

The umpire was "fully alert" afterward and received stitches at the hospital, Fox Sports noted.

With third base umpire Quinn Wolcott taking over for Emmel behind the plate, Marte popped out on the next pitch to end the game, a 5-4 victory for the A's.

WARNING: The video below contains graphic content.