Unaffiliated... Confessions Of A Christian Millennial Voter

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As I watch the 2016 presidential election, my preference is becoming all the more cemented: I choose NEITHER corrupted political party. I prefer to remain unaffiliated.

I don’t believe in promoting policy for a political party’s sake. It’s a safe bet that I will not vote for someone just because they are sporting red or blue. I am even quite the skeptic when a candidate quotes the Bible to support their point. I always wonder if they’re using something I love to manipulate me.

“I don’t believe in the party system. I doubt I ever will”

I thought the first Clinton was cool when he played the saxophone on late-night television back in the 90’s, and had my optimism about the office crushed when Monica Lewinsky became a household name. I listened to my parent rant and rave about George W .Bush and his awkwardly dangling chads, and wondered how he might implement or veto legislation to help protect me from school shootings and terrorists.

I watched the West Wing and came close to choosing cynicism over hope when it was time to vote for change. I was thrilled to see an African-American take office, but I had yet to find a politician I felt I could fully support. I too wanted hope and change.

But was this the right change?

I’ve been questioning politics – and politicians – all of my adult life. I don’t believe in the party system. I doubt I ever will. I simply don’t care to be affiliated with any of the craziness. However – I am passionate about issues. I fight for social justice and the rights of humanity. I care about stewarding the environment. I have deeply held beliefs about education, because I have babies in the school system.

“I bristle the second politics are preached from the pulpit. I trust the God of the universe, not the kingdom builders of this world.”

I am all for free Wi-Fi. Can someone work on that legislation? Because I can’t afford to go over my data limit (my student loans are stalking me). I may or may not take a selfie in the voting booth. Don’t shame me, it’s just my version of the “I voted” sticker.

Also, I am busy. I am always busy. So I get most of my political updates from social media or while I passively read the subtitles of CNN while listening to my audiobook at the gym. But, I do get them. I read, analyze, watch, and synthesize the information I gather from many sources. No one network deserves my devotion either. However I do confess I prefer watching debates on Twitter, because the hashtag has indexed the most ridiculous and astonishingly laughable moments for me.

I believe I can make a difference. I don’t believe that any man is perfect, except the one who lived 2000 years ago. I bristle the second politics are preached from the pulpit. I trust the God of the universe, not the kingdom builders of this world. I want revival and think it can actually happen. I have hope for tomorrow and trust in a Savior.

I don’t want my country to find religion, I want them to find Jesus, the One who is truth, freedom, and the way. I will exert my influence. I believe I was chosen for such a time as this. I will vote, because I do care. Though I’m not convinced any of our candidates are truly good for the country.

I am a Christian millennial voter.

An earlier version of this post first appeared at Venn Magazine.