Unaired 'SNL' Sketch With Justin Bieber & Bill Hader Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong (VIDEO)

Part of the fun of "Saturday Night Live" is that the show is a high-wire act: Anything could go wrong at any moment for millions of viewers to see on live television. In this sketch from the show's dress rehearsal that didn't make it to air, everything that possibly could go wrong does. And watching the sketch crash and burn is one of the more entertaining things we've seen in a while.

Bill Hader, who stars in the sketch as a country singer unveiling a new avant-garde sonic masterpiece, gives commentary on the sketch in this video, along with writers Rob Klein and John Solomon. Calling it "the greatest train wreck in history," we see a mess of a sketch that includes the stage almost falling on Justin Bieber (who then breaks character and tells the audience that it was a mistake), props going missing, bad lighting, failed musical cues and flubbed lines. Oh, and it's in front of a crowd of teenage Bieber fans, who have no idea what's going on and offer no response at all.

This one must be seen to be believed.

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