'Unbalance Hotel' Designs Released: New Peruvian Hotel Will Have Unique Structure

This Is Not Your Average Hotel

When is hotel not just a hotel? When it's a picture frame, of course.

The provisionally named "Unbalance Hotel" is set to be built into the side of a cliff outside the city center of Lima, Peru. Its design is inspired by the shape of a tilted picture frame.

Designed by Spanish architect firm OOIIO, the hotel's untraditional shape will be "the perfect frame" for stunning views of both the Pacific Ocean and the Andes without being an obstruction, the Daily Mail reports.

unbalance hotel

"Thanks to [the hotel's] peculiar shape, the landscape is now even more relevant - we have framed it!" OOIIO's website claims.

In addition to the eye-catching structure, the hotel's plans also call for 125 rooms, restaurants, conference rooms and exhibition spaces.

Distinctive hotels designed to blend in with their natural surroundings are popping up all over the globe. Construction recently began on the Shimao Wonderland Hotel, which will be built into a quarry in Shanghai.

Check out more photos of the hotel's proposed plans below:

unbalance hotel

unbalance hotel

unbalance hotel

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