UNC Charlotte Wins NCAA Anti-Assault Contest By Promising To 'Take Responsibility'

In recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness month, students at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte put together an anti-assault video for an NCAA-backed competition in honor of the "It's On Us" campaign.

“In our family, we take care of each other," the video said. "It’s on us to take reports of sexual assault seriously, to honor the dignity and humanity of every person.”

The video came in first place in the contest, according to USA Today, beating out 40 other schools.

The university's website makes its stance on sexual assault very clear, saying:

Our mission is to support students and our community at large by helping to create an environment that does not tolerate any form of sexual assault and harassment. Sexual assault is a serious problem for the nation and UNC Charlotte takes claims of sexual assault very seriously.

The "It's On Us" movement is backed by the Obama administration and aims to identify and put an end to sexual assault.

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