UNC Class Gets Screwed By Duke Fan, Entire Google Doc Of Notes Replaced With Meme Image

Looks Like Someone From Duke Screwed This Class

The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill beat rival Duke University in men's basketball last week, prompting students to celebrate by running through the streets going crazy. But the following week, when students got back to work, the undergrads in one history class discovered someone messed with their notes.

On Tuesday, a UNC student posted on the Facebook page "Overheard at UNC": "Someone deleted all the information in the History 107 midterm google doc and posted this instead.."

duke unc

Obviously, the UNC students believe it was a Duke student. Although some theorized it could be a capybara.

UNC students reported being able to rectify the loss of the notes, though it's unclear whether they used revision history or had simply backed up offline.

Of course, UNC students can rest easy on having the win in the actual basketball game, but the two schools have a long history of pranking each other. In 2012, the UNC student government attempted to mock Duke on Twitter, only to have their grammar mistake called out. Last year, UNC fans stole the Blue Devil mascot's head and placed Chapel Hill's fight song in the Duke hymnals.

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