This UNC Student Just Dropped His Class By Dropping His Pants (VIDEO)

It was a metaphorical strip show.

After deciding to put his biology class in the rear view mirror, Nicky Showtimedropped his class and then dropped his pants in front of a large lecture hall on the University of North Carolina's Chapel Hill campus this week.

Showtime, who is actually Dylan Moore, a member of the UNC track team, pulled a move straight out of "Magic Mike."

"You see, I don't need to learn any of this stuff, because I already know what I want to be," Moore said before ripping off his shirt and pants.

News of the mid-lecture strip tease quickly broke on Total Frat Move and the Overheard at UNC Facebook page, but Showtime ended up dropping a more "professional" video of his own today.

It seems most people in the class got a laugh out of it, including the professor who admitted how dumbfounded she was. "I don't even know how to recover after that," she says in the video.

Still, the Facebook comments that came with the video display a relatively mixed reaction to the move. Some thought it was disrespectful and even offensive. We still aren't sure if he was actually enrolled to begin with.



Magic Mike Screening - Pictures: PA