Unchallenged Lies and Unexamined Cliches -- CNN Interview of Sarah Palin by Drew Griffin

What is most disgraceful about this interview is the flaccid and uncritical role of the interviewer -- Drew Griffin. How can he call himself a journalist?
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It is no wonder people criticize and revile the mainstream media, especially CNN. Just a few hours ago, CNN showed an interview with Sarah Palin and a CNN reporter, Drew Griffin. Griffin had already sullied his reputation by repeating lies about Obama and Bill Ayers or ACORN, and then CNN chose him to interview Sarah Palin -- in one of only 4 or 5 interviews she has ever given to national media?

In the interview with Palin, Griffin allowed her to openly lie about a number of issues without any interruption or challenge. She claimed Obama had never reached across the aisle to work with Republicans, even though his work with Sen. Dick Lugar on nuclear weapons is well documented. She lied about Obama's tax plan over and over again, saying that he will tax ordinary Americans and small businesses, even though he as clearly stated he will not do that.

Most of her answers revealed her proclivity to jumble multiple talking points into a single sentence, never pausing long enough to think (or "blink"), and never providing any specifics about what either she or McCain would do -- on Day One or any day. Her responses were an amazing collage of cliches. A true Saturday night parody happening in prime time. Drew Griffin just sat there, smiling and feeding her the easy questions.

The most quoted part of her interview will be her so-called apology for her remarks about "real America" being small towns. That remark has drawn strong rebuke from both Democrats and Republicans. Or her mischaracterization of what Joe Biden said about a potential international crisis. When will the mainstream media challenge this? Drew Griffin only asked her if her message was being "trapped" in media reporting.

I have tried to figure out if she has any sense of irony at all -- when she speaks of Obama's inexperience (as if being Mayor of Wasilla, which we now know from the Daily Show has almost no responsibilities whatsoever, except to sign checks and meet with staff once a week! ) Or when she outright lies about Obama's policies, even though she must know she is not telling the truth. Is there no voice in the back of her head that says, "Come on, now. It's not completely true?"

But what is most disgraceful about this interview is the flaccid and uncritical role of the interviewer -- Drew Griffin. How can he call himself a journalist? And how can CNN put this interview on the air and brag about it? Was there no other journalist at CNN who the Palin camp would approve? And was that how Griffin was chosen -- by the McCain campaign? What a disgrace!

Here's the transcript of the interview.

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