Uncle Arrested For Fatally Shooting Nephew, 11, In The Face: Police

“Look, you have a red dot on your forehead,” may have been the last words 11-year-old Hunter Pedersen heard before being fatally shot by his uncle on Saturday, Pennsylvania’s Pocono Record reports.

Pennsylvania state police told the paper the boy’s uncle, Chad Olm, 34, pulled the trigger on his Glock 27 .40-caliber handgun while showing off his gun collection to his son and Pedersen.

Pedersen was reportedly visiting his grandfather’s home, where his uncle also lives, when he and his cousin asked to see Olm’s gun collection. Olm allowed the two boys to handle several of his guns before he brought out the Glock to show the boys its laser sight, the Pocono Record reports.

That’s when he allegedly pointed the laser sight at Pedersen’s forehead before pulling the trigger. A bullet hit the boy just above his right eye, Pennsylvania's Eyewitness News reports.

Olm told police he keeps all his guns unloaded, according to an affidavit obtained by local media.

“There is nothing you can say that would make the situation better,” Lt. Christopher Paris of the Pennsylvania State Police told WNEP of the heartbreaking incident. “They have lost something that is irreplaceable. You certainly try to express your condolences and let them know thoughts and prayers go out to them.”

Paris also told Eyewitness News the tragic incident should serve as a reminder to keep firearms stored safely. "It's an investigation and incident that really gives you pause in terms of hugging your children at night and proper handling of firearms," he said.

Olm has been charged with criminal homicide, recklessly endangering another person and endangering the welfare of children. He is currently being held in Pike County Correctional Facility, according to Pocono Record.