Unclutter Your Life: Clearing the Kitchen Counter of Unnecessary Small Appliances

You can never have too much counter space.
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Beautiful Modern Kitchen in New Luxury Home
Beautiful Modern Kitchen in New Luxury Home

Preparing meals can be extra stressful when you have a cluttered kitchen. It seems that no matter the size of your kitchen, you never have enough counter space. Sometimes, the appliances you buy to simplify meal times can actually be more of a hindrance than a help. Getting rid of some of your unneeded appliances can help make your kitchen a calmer environment. Here are some tips on what to keep and what to consider clearing from your kitchen.

Toss Single Use Appliances.
The best way to clean up the clutter on your countertop is to take stock of all of your small appliances and seriously consider saying goodbye to any item that only has one purpose (unless it serves a vital function like providing your daily dose of caffeine!) and leave your counter space for appliances that fulfill multiple needs. For example, if you have a food processor it can complete a lot of jobs, including the work of a blender. Similarly, a stand mixer can perform the same duties as a hand mixer, along with performing many additional tasks. Deep fryers take up a lot of space, but a deep pot on the stove can serve the same purpose.

Toss Appliances Seen on Late Night TV
Nothing good has ever come from ordering something off of a TV infomercial at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. It seems that no matter the size of your kitchen, you never have enough counter space. Sometimes, the appliances you buy to simplify meal times can actually be more of a hindrance than a help. While these small appliances may seem like they are the solution to a problem you never realised you had, most of these products just end up being used once or twice. A lot of these products also tie into the first rule as they are made for a single purpose, like a grill specifically formed to fit only hot dogs. Also, there is usually a "but wait there's more" part to the ad where you get a second version of whatever you order -- meaning you have to store double the amount of items, and let's be honest who needs two automatic stirrers?

Toss Anything That You Haven't Used in a Season
Even if your small appliance has multiple uses and you've purchased it during daylight hours, if you haven't used it for an entire season (four months) it may be time to part with it. An appliance that is important enough to be on your countertop should be used on a regular basis. Of course, if you have an ice cream maker and haven't used it all winter that's fine, but if an entire summer has come and gone and you didn't make any ice cream, it's time to reconsider that appliance.

Toss Anything That Claims to Be Improved By Being "Electrified"
These days, many kitchen tools have been turned into small appliances by being "electrified" like can openers, frying pans, kettles and grills. Many claim that using power makes the tool more efficient, however it also means that these "power tools" are often larger, come with a long cord and they now need an outlet in which to be plugged in. Consider switching to the old-fashion versions, a conventional can opener works just as well an electric one and in addition to the fact that it can easily be stored in a small drawer and used anywhere, it can also be used to open up a can of beans when the power goes out.

Toss Any Tool Made for Eggs
It seems as if every day a product is created with the intention of making the process of cooking eggs a little easier. Today you could go out and buy electric egg cookers, microwaveable egg cookers, omelette makers, egg-scrambling devices, egg-separating tools and egg slicers. While some of these tools may produce a nicely cooked egg, cooked eggs often sticks to the tool and it can be a nightmare to remove. Many of these products are made of cheap plastic and are not dishwasher safe, so any time you save cooking the eggs is negated by having to spend extra time washing scrubbing the tools by hand. A pot and a non-stick frying pan are all you need for great eggs, and the best egg separator? You own hands!

If you stick to the appliances you regularly use and that can serve many purposes, you'll have more space on your counter tops making for a calmer environment in the kitchen. For the appliances that you are keeping, try and store them near electrical outlets so you won't have to move things around when you need to use them, and wrap up the cords so they don't get in the way.

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