This Is What It Really Means To Love Someone Unconditionally

This Is What It Really Means To Love Someone Unconditionally

It can be difficult to fathom what "unconditional love" truly means.

Thanks to Jesse Parent's performance of "Hotbox Love" during the 2014 National Poetry Slam, we now have a much better understanding.

Quite unromantically, "Hotbox" refers to the act of farting under the sheets -- an occurrence lovers and spouses know all too well -- but Parent's message goes much deeper than simply being comfortable enough to pass gas. It's a hilariously beautiful metaphor we should all take to heart.

"If you can't love me in this awkward space, just live in this filthy stinking moment what are you gonna do when it really gets bad?" Parent asks. "Can you still love me throwing up every hour, my bedside table a heap of prescription bottles, my pillow thatched with what little hair I have left to give?"

Later he continues, "We may not always be able to slow dance when our wedding song sneaks onto the radio and the doctor might tell me I'm not gonna live to see winter ... Not everyone looks forward to being their lover's caretaker and it's okay, I'm not either. I just hope and pray you will love me as I do you in those difficult times -- like this one."

Watch the video above -- posted to YouTube in August -- for the entire performance. It's worth it.

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