Uncover & Monetize Your Inner Genius

We all have talents. We are all good at something. We are really, really good at this one (or many) thing (s). It could even be something we are not fully aware of.

I want us to uncover it. More importantly, I want to help each of us see our genius, not just as a hobby, but as something for us to build our lives around and to be paid handsomely and beautifully for it.

We deserve to live our purpose with fulfillment, balance, and luscious profits.

The funny thing about our gifts is that we are not really trained to spot them. We are trained in school, college, and our careers to look at the areas we need to improve. Even if anyone highlights the strengths, we tend to fixate on what is not right, and shy away from the compliment, in the sometimes misguided idea that we must be humble. That voice inside our head that fixates on "weakness," she has a name: Inner Critic.

We have her down pat. She'll talk to us all day long if we let her. We have been programmed to accept this voice. And she is ruling us, especially in moments when we don't feel 100% confident. Unfortunately, by acclimating our consciousness to this critic-based program, we eliminate the possibility of acknowledging our gifts, our talents, our genius, our unlimited wealth factor, and ultimately, our ability to be happy.

Sad, right? Well, don't despair, my friend. I was programmed the same way. Fortunately, I found a way out, and I want to give each of us this guide so that we can:

1. De-program the inner critic
2. Uncover the genius within
3. Create luscious profits with fulfillment & balance

I want to take you through a series of articles exploring each step to finally uncover & profit from your Inner Genius. This is Part 1.

Part 1: De-Program The Inner Critic

I'm not going to lie. This takes some doing. It took me a good three years to finally quiet the inner critic and feel a sense of peace and clarity for the most part. My guess is I am at about 80% of mastering this misguided voice. To me, this is pretty darn amazing given that between my inner critic and my fears, I was paralyzed from progress for years (heck, even decades!).

I went from being too afraid to even apply to go to school at Cornell because I didn't want to face rejection, to today having given talks at Harvard, Yale, Brown, and the like with confidence, wonder, and having a blast. Unfortunately, I didn't know how to master that quiet confidence needed to fearlessly approach all possibilities with an open heart and mind, earlier in my life, but today I can guide you in accessing a healthy ego that both honors your strengths and cares enough to do good in the world.

It is time that the Inner Critic quickly know her place and that your Inner Genius take the reins.

For those serious and ready to accelerate the de-programming, I suggest these three key steps:

1. Compassion: I urge us all to have compassion for our journey. It will lighten the mood, remove the constriction in our creativity, and will remove any resistance to feeling a sense of joy. Plus it will put things in perspective. And by compassion, I do not mean to settle for the status quo. What I mean by that is to treat ourselves as we would a good friend who we love and who we also want to nudge into greatness.

2. Banish The Inner Critic Dialogue: Be Honest. Maybe we already know what we say, think and feel that keeps us feeling and acting small. I don't want us to hash this back up as we would in a therapy session; I want us to write the blocks. I want us to state that we are ready to move this limiting program out of our way, and I want us to own that the Universe, God, or some other higher power will deliver the EXACT tool that will be our vehicle to let go of these stories, once and for all.

My dear friend, there is power in naming something, great power. What I would NOT want us to do is to take this naming and tell everyone we know about it, because by continuing to speak it, we actually perpetuate it in our life.

Name it. Clear it. Own it.

3. De-Program The Subconscious: here are some options of ways we can clear the subconscious programs we are ready to clear.

EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique: When I started doing this work over ten years ago, this tool was a bit of an underground groovy tool to clear the mindset and emotional baggage. Nowadays, it's all the rage among the conscious millennials, and I love that! If it speaks to you, use it. It works. If you are looking for an upgraded tool, read on...
Presence: a tool for living in the now. This is a 2-10 minute practice, which honestly turns into a lifestyle, where we consistently quiet our mind, have clarity, and heal emotional patterns. I go over this powerful, easy tool in the Miracles Workbook, if you are curious about it.
Karma Healing: Let me redefine this subject a bit.

I look at karma very, very differently than most people. I do not look at it as in, You have done something bad and now you are paying for it. Yes, I look at it with accountability, but not blame. I have been studying with a Spiritual Teacher, John Wyrick, for many years, and what I have learned is that the journey of the soul is complex.

Some of us believe in past lives, some of us are not sure, and some of us think it is inconsequential, or even impossible. Whatever you believe, I respect. And I also know that I see my kids, and they are so different, you could call it genetics, but I have got to tell you being a Molecular Biologist and seeing the impact beyond genetics on a living organism, I am a firm believer that there is more to the story of life than we are aware of.

Maybe you have noticed that some people seem to be Old Souls while others seem more like New or Baby Souls? There are people who seem to have a wisdom about them beyond their years, and others who have a very superficial experience of life. This is not necessarily good or bad, it is just the way they are because of the soul or life experience they have had. We can even notice this in children that seem wise beyond their age, and this phenomenon begs to question the mystery that lies beyond the physical person in front of us.

One way to look at our journey is that we have life enhancing experiences that anchor our Dharma types (or our Life purpose and attributes of who we are deeply). We also have experiences that cause trauma, or Karma. A lot of us operate from trauma (whether in this lifetime, or if it just feels innate in us) , and repeat the same patterns over and over. If we have been having nominal results with other tools, I say, it might be time to call in the big guns. I have graduated to this method and have found great results in my clients. It takes being more open minded for sure!

As wacky as all this may sound, I would encourage us all not to skip this spiritual work of deprograming and healing. I have tried, failed, and come back to this. My motto is that when you do inner work, you get outer results. And if you neglect the inner work, you will probably be spinning your wheels, spend a ton of cash on programs, and not quite have the results you seek.

To be clear, I have also graduated from over-processing in my life, relationships and business. As powerful as the mind can be towards moving us into great progress, it can also derail us from success if we give it too much power, attention, and time.


1.Vow to explore at least one of the above tools in the next week.


2.Name the most limiting story you have been telling yourself about yourself. That thing that has held you back & you are ready to let go of it, so that you can live fully in your genius & your purpose.

In Part 2 we will talk about how to fully uncover your Inner Genius

May you have the courage to finally shift the inner dialogue that is holding you back from creating a business that is productive, authentic & profitable.

ASHA - Mentor