Fellow Warriors: Get Them to the Polls!

President Barack Obama gestures while speaking to supporters during a campaign event at Delta Center, Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012,
President Barack Obama gestures while speaking to supporters during a campaign event at Delta Center, Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wis. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

You know how I feel about Mitt Romney. I don't want to waste any more breath on it. I want to talk about you.

Tomorrow morning, I want you to wake up and tell those undecided and apathetic voters that their country needs them.

They have one civic duty as a citizen, and they should show the men and women who wear a uniform that they are fighting for something worthwhile.

Ask that apathetic voter to imagine a president who looked like, let's say, John F. Kennedy.
This president ensured that all Americans can now get health care without worrying about it bankrupting them. Tell them to imagine that under his leadership, America's most feared enemy was killed. Imagine that this president got us out of two wars. Imagine that he had won a Nobel Peace Prize and resurrected the world's opinion of America. A president who, even when it was unpopular, saved the backbone of American manufacturing -- the auto industry and its million middle-class jobs -- when it was most fragile. Imagine that president reformed Wall Street and protected consumers, and reformed education so that virtually every child in America was taking a college prep curriculum in high school.

Imagine this young president ending sanctioned discrimination in the military, and pay discrimination for women in the workplace. Imagine that this man had arrived in the midst of the biggest economic crisis since the great depression, and had created more than 5 million private sector jobs while slowing government spending to its lowest levels in 60 years. Imagine this president had ushered in record highs in consumer confidence, the stock market, business profits and new housing starts.

Tomorrow's on-the-fence voters might think such a president could only be imaginary. A fictional hero. If you had told them that Barack Obama was going to do all those things four years ago, they surely would've said, "not possible."

But look at what he's done. That's my president. And yours. He's achieved so much -- and with a Congress hell-bent on his defeat.

Take that apathetic voter forthwith to the nearest voting booth! There are 90 million eligible voters who won't vote because they can't be bothered. Ninety million people who will choose to stay home, even after all this nation has been through, and all this president has done.
Your mission -- your duty -- is to pull them out of their apathy, to wash the cobwebs of sleep from their eyes, to pull them onto their leaden feet and carry them on your back if you must -- just get them to the polls. We are at war for the future of the country.

My Current TV show, "The War Room," has been about the battles over our country's future. Fellow warriors, now is the moment to take up your arms, to your precinct battle stations!

In 2008 we changed the guard. In 2012 we guard the change. Let's do this!

Originally aired on "The War Room with Jennifer Granholm". "The War Room" airs weeknights on Current TV. Follow Jennifer Granholm on Facebook and Twitter, and "The War Room" on Facebook and Twitter.