'Undefeated' Documentary Behind-The-Scenes: Inside Look At Oscar-Winning Football Story (VIDEO)

Inside The Oscar-Winning Doc 'Undefeated'

Although "Undefeated," the Best Documentary winner from this year's Oscars, follows a high school sports team, coach Bill Courtney wants you to know that the film goes way beyond athletics.

"The bedrock of the movie is football," he says. "But what you find out when you watch the movie is it's really about relationships and what can be accomplished when people put aside preconceived notions and selfishness, and just work together for one common goal."

In a new behind-the-scenes featurette from the film, viewers get a glimpse inside the life of the football program at Manassas High School in North Memphis, Tenn., which, in it's 110-year history, has yet to make the playoffs. The new coach, Courtney, hopes to change all that.

"This movie is not just about sports. It's about never giving up. It's about somebody believing in you when you don't even believe in yourself," said Sean Combs, an executive producer on the movie.

You can check out then full featurette above. "Undefeated" is out in theaters now.

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