Undercover Cop Stood By As Bikers Beat SUV Driver During Motorcycle Attack: Report

Undercover Cop Stood By During Biker Beat Down: Report

Undercover police officers may have been riding with the pack of bikers that beat up 33-year-old Alexian Lien, the SUV driver who struck a motorcyclist on the West Side Highway Sunday.

According to multiple reports, at least one undercover cop stood by during the attack as bikers caught up to the Range Rover miles later and pulled Lien from the vehicle. The officer allegedly did not intervene when the bikers began beating the driver in order to maintain his cover.

Sources told The New York Post that the undercover officer did not come forward until Wednesday night. He reportedly turned in his gun and badge Friday and has been placed on modified duty.

However, there may have been others who witnessed the assault. As WABC-TV reports, there were five off-duty NYPD officers among the group of bikers who were taking part in the rally and at least two detectives were on the scene when the bikers caught up to Lien's vehicle.

Internal Affairs is currently investigating whether there were other undercover or off-duty officers riding in the rally.

The cop who came forward was reportedly a motorcycle hobbyist who rides with Front Line Soldiers, a club based in New Rochelle. Though the undercover officer was apparently not investigating the group, he nonetheless did not want to reveal his identity.

According to The Daily News, the officer left the scene of the attack after he knew police were on the way and passersby were assisting Lien.

One of the bikers, Christopher Cruz, who was involved in the initial collision that led to the assault, was arrested earlier this week. He was was charged with reckless endangerment, reckless driving, endangering the welfare of a child, and menacing.

Days later, on Friday, two others involved in the attack turned themselves in to authorities. Brooklyn resident Robert Sims, 35, who is seen in footage filmed at the scene, faces several charges including gang assault and criminal possession of a weapon. Another biker, 38-year-old Reginald Chance, also surrendered and was questioned by police Friday night.

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