This '80s Glam Hairdo Is Making A Major Comeback

The Barbershop Trend Celebs Can't Get Enough Of

Photo: Instagram/kenziekatastrophy

If you think an undercut -- hair that's short on the sides and/or back and long at the top -- is for rebellious teenagers and angsty adults, you're wrong.

This partially shaved hairdo has evolved immensely since its heyday in '80s and '90s, when kids who were part of the punk scene and musicians such as David Bowie and Grace Jones sported the 'do.

In recent years, the undercut has become a go-to look for people who want to go short without cutting off all their hair. And the styling possibilities are limitless, as proven by stars including Kelis, Tilda Swinton, Rosario Dawson and Scarlett Johansson.

We recently noticed a resurgence of sharp undercuts on Instagram, featuring the most intricate designs for every hair length and texture. Our followers at @HuffPostBeauty also blew us away by tagging us in photos with creative takes on this classic style. Check out some of these images below for ideas before booking your next barbershop appointment.

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