Undergrad Millennials and Mentorship

In a recent LinkedIn article, Deloitte Global CEO, Punit Renjen, said: “There is really no secret (to success) and there surely are no shortcuts. In my case, it was a pretty simple equation: hard work + some lucky breaks + great mentors.” The last of these, the positive impact of the mentor, is clearly highlighted in Deloitte Millennial Research. Among those who have someone acting as their mentor, more than 9 in 10 describe the quality of advice (94 percent) and the level of interest shown in their development (91 percent) as “good.” Among those with mentors, 83 percent are satisfied with this aspect of their working lives.


Without a doubt, a great mentor can be the driving force that adds fuel to a Millennial’s ability to blaze their own trail. Millennials are setting high standards for themselves, jumpstarting entrepreneurial ideas and are hungry for wealth and prosperity. Today’s advanced technology and social media are crucial gateways for gathering information and making connections that turn ideas into reality.

Millennials born between 1990-1995 are most likely still attending college, have not experienced a corporate environment but are constantly striving to set high standards that lead to future career goals. Where does one find a mentor? The most likely answer might be a professor. The less likely answer is right under your finger. Social media connects millions of people around the world. Pull yourself away from SnapChat and discover a new world of mentorship that reaches beyond the bubble of our millennial world. Experienced, educated and wise mentors not only expand our horizon, they provide a variety of options that young adults might never attain otherwise.

Millennials are courageous and ambitious. Google, Harvard, Forbes, Deloitte & LinkedIn will get you started. Find an expert, get connected and educated as you incorporate their vast wisdom and expertise to develop a solid game plan . The key is, don’t wait until you’re in the corporate world. Undergrad mentorship will help you redefine goals and make alterations as needed to ensure a smoother transformation from college to career.

We live in a media-driven world that gives us access to connections around the world in every genre that exists. As an undergrad, your connections might not include heavy hitters experienced in your field of study. How does one go about asking for advice? Sabina Nawaz, a Forbes contributor shares a powerful approach titled “How to Ask a Stranger for Career Advice”. My experience in developing mentors has taught me to seek a variety and keep asking. Professional perseverance pays off.   

Conclusion: Mentors are like a lightbulb. Once the switch is flipped, the light goes on and we are able to see more clearly, make adjustments and avoid tripping over a roadblock that otherwise we might have missed. Millennials are game changers who have inspired a new revolution in the way corporate companies are doing business. Loyalty and gender equality are standard goals and a mentor’s wisdom sets the bar higher than ever before. So go out there, find a mentor, and blaze your trail of passion and success. It’s okay to ask for help… There is rarely success in solitude.

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