Underground Hip-Hop Legends Phat Kat and Casual are Ron Jon Bovi, Present New Video "We Get It Poppin" Featuring Guilty Simpson


Ron Jon Bovi is a bit of the throwback to when lyricism and hard beats mattered in hip-hop and emcees like Detroit's own Phat Kat and Oakland's Casual of the Hieroglyphics crew are two artists that have always embodied that aesthetic. Their first project as the group Ron Jon Bovi titled Neaux Mursi is produced entirely by Heiro crew producer Unjust and is a fresh air in a world of overly programmed and simplistic hip-hop.

Ron Jon Bovi's Neaux Mursi is due out on February 19th but take a look at the new video for the song "We Get It Poppin'" featuring fellow Detroit emcee Guilty Simpson. Also, here are short interviews with both Phat Kat and Casual touching upon the album and their first impressions of each other.

Q&A with Phat Kat

How did you first ever hear about Casual? What were your first impressions the first time you met?

I first heard of Casual when he dropped "That's How It Is" and I was an instant fan, and when I first met him, I was like this dude is cool as shit.

How was it working with Casual on this album? How did you guys go about piecing the songs together concept-wise?

Working with Casual on the Ron Jon Bovi project was a really organic process. We bounced a few ideas around and decided which tracks we both agreed on (beats); and then we got busy!

What do you think the essence of this Ron Jon Bovi project is?

The essence of Ron Jon Bovi is about bringing back that raw uncut lyricism and that classic boom bap style of hip-hop that the world has been missing.

Q&A with Casual

How did you first link you with Phat Kat? What were your first impressions of him?

One night on the south side of Pinar Del Rio, I got caught up in some nonsense after a party. I got my jewelry taken by some Cuban ladies who left me (drunk) in the stairwell of a Hotel called Moka. When I came to my jewelry was gone. I relayed to Unjust what happened and he told me to call Phat Kat. Phat Kat made a few calls and my property was returned to the concierge at Moka. I knew he was a boss after that!

What do you think the essence of this new collaborative project Ron Jon Bovi is?

The essence is grit, grime and rhymes 100% of the time. Unorthodox boom box knock and two brash adult emcees. No kiddy stuff.

What is it about the production work of Unjust that made him perfect for this project?

Well he's got that gritty sound, that old basement stuff that we cannot find anymore because all these producers use the same plug-ins and synthesizer patches. Some of these song cats would not even know how to rap to, or when to catch the beat, until they hear Ronnie Euro or #Rapgod spill on that thing, then cats see the format. The music is either menacing, or smooth, but always unorthodox. I like that!!!

Ron Jon Bovi's Neaux Mursi will be released on February 19th (pre-orders are available now via iTunes) and it will be available at all digital retailers (including a deluxe edition), 12' LP and a limited edition red colored vinyl.