'Underground New York Public Library' Photographs Subway Riders' Book Choices (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: What New Yorkers Are Reading On The Subway

Ever wonder what books your fellow straphangers are reading ?

Meet the "Underground New York Public LIbrary," a photo blog that catalogues riders' reading materials through a series of candid shots.

Assembled by photographer Ourit Ben-Haim, UNYPL seeks to lend out "a reminder that we’re capable of traveling to great depths within ourselves and as a whole."

Tickling the fancies of bibliophiles and photo enthusiasts alike, the blog even has a schedule as such:

Library Hours

Sunday- Friday: Posting daily

Sunday: A Sunday Morning Bible is posted.

Friday: At 12:00 PM I post a photo with an unsolved title. The Tumblr community helps me solve it.

Final post of the week: A Friday eReader is featured along with end of the week recaps and links.

Saturday: Closed

Photographer Chris Arnade had a similar project, taking portrait shots of Brooklynites and their reading choices.

Bravo! Check out some photos from UNYPL below:

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Before You Go

"Mars Trilogy" By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Underground New York Public Library

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