Underpinnings of Curiosity

It takes time...

  • To get the courage to try something...
  • To follow through with the courage you just musterd up to start something...
  • To not give up when the something you tried, failed...
  • To do it again...
  • To feel you know what you are doing...

Okay, that may come to some but never comes to many. But I digress.

Earlier today, I had a great conversation with an amazing woman who is working to not only support but to change the way Women CEOs in the Software Industry lead by helping them to learn from one another and lead with even greater strength and support.

And like many great undertakings, it all started with curiousity...Why are there only 25 women CEOs of HR Software companies? Where to women CEOs meet to learn from one another? How often to women CEO's talk to one another to work through their challenges and their successes?

While this may surprise you, it didn't surprise me. But there is a lack of leadership support for Women CEOs, especially those in the software industry. Yes, there are corporate leadership programs but there is a need to look at this challenge and approach it a new way.

And I hear this across the Board, regardless of Industry, where you live or where you work. The really, really big challenges and solutions come from curiosity.

  • Why does it work this way?
  • Where do I get information and support?
  • How much do I ask for?
  • Is there another way?
  • Is there a BETTER way?

It is the underpinnings of curiosity that lead to amazing discoveries.

And, you know what? This is often a topic of conversation that comes up with my coaching clients, during workshops or during retreats.


Asking questions to which you don't know the answer.

Growing up, I was super lucky to have parents that encouraged questions but I know many people for which that wasn't the case. Dave and I now, with our boys, always tell the boys to stay curious. In fact, that is a quote that is written on our kitchen wall - thank you Cadey Charfen! [link to podcast interview] So, why is it that as we get older, we are told to:
  • stop asking questions?
  • toe the line?
  • just 'go with the flow?'

[Un]spoiler alert! To keep things as they are...to keep them comfortable.

Yet, for those of you who like to:

  • ask questions
  • make improvements,
  • know that there can be better ways of doing things...

Stay Curious! because it is the underpinnings of curiosity that makes for greatness...and success.