Understanding Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and What Companies Can Do with Them?

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What's all the Fuss about Artificial Intelligence. Why is AI so important, perhaps more important than blockchain or any other technology that is on the horizon? I discuss.

What are the current capabilities of AI, and What Can be Achieved by AI Today? Voice recognition, image recognition, vision systems like those used in self driving cars, cognition and problem solving, intelligent agents, malware detection, money laundering etc. I discuss.

The most important thing to understand about ML is that it represents a fundamentally different approach to creating software: The machine learns from examples, rather than being explicitly programmed for a particular outcome.

There are three pieces of good news for organizations looking to put ML to use today. First, AI skills are spreading quickly. The second welcome development is that the necessary algorithms and hardware for modern AI can be bought or rented as needed. The final piece of good news, and probably the most under appreciated, is that you may not need all that much data to start making productive use of ML.

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