Understanding Clinton's Way

Understanding Clinton's Way
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On Meet the Press yesterday, Tim Russert asked Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta what was the most important thing in their new book,

Her Way: The Hopes and Ambitions of Hillary Rodham Clinton


Gerth: "She's now running for president, and we felt that people needed to understand how, how she acts in the political arena and, and use that as a basis for deciding whether she's qualified to be president or not. And, you know, in essence, we sort of found that there're two Hillarys. In, in one case, there's the well-informed, the battle-tested, the diligent senator who does her homework. And then we found another Hillary. When it comes to a bump in the road -- whether it's on Iraq or on energy policy or on the environment--where she has a problem, that she plays fast and loose with the facts, she won't admit a mistake, and she sort of, you know, retreats into a shell."

Van Natta: "We also show that she has a sort of secret side to her Senate office. We call it the mysteries of Hillaryland in the book where she actually had people on her--employees of hers, people on her payroll, who she did not divulge as she was supposed to, according to Senate rules, and we have ethics experts raising questions about that."

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