'Understanding The T In LGBT' Aims To Help Transgender Employees In The Workplace

Does Your Workplace Need To Be Schooled In Transgender Issues?

A comprehensive online learning program that aims to educate employers and employees about being more inclusive of the transgender community within the workplace is now available.

With the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) still not institutionalized as law, this online training module seeks to provide a point of entry for education about transgender issues for those who may not have met trans people or know about transgender issues.

Titled "Understanding The T In LGBT: Gender Identity and Gender Expression," this training program is much needed in an age where 90 percent of transgender people report experiencing harassment, mistreatment or discrimination within the workplace.

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“My most basic belief about the workplace and society is that people should be safe and treated with dignity; I know this doesn’t always happen for individuals who express their gender differently than others," co-creator Leslie Aguilar told The Huffington Post. "Personally, there are people I care about who identify as transgender or who have transgender family members, and their experiences have inspired me to focus on gender identity and gender expression. Also, we want to provide cutting-edge training solutions to meet our clients’ needs, and more and more organizations are requesting support on this topic.”

Head here for more information about this online training module or other forms of diversity and inclusion training.

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