Understanding the Value of Being on Page 1


Location. Location. Location.

Anyone who's ever bought a home or spent more than a minute watching HGTV knows this is the first, second and third rule of real estate. In the realm of Internet search engines like Google, this rule is no different. A website located on the top of Page 1 of Google is an oceanfront villa; a website located anywhere else is an aging colonial on the side of a busy freeway.

The value of being located on Page 1 has always been implicitly understood by most businesses, but the extent to which it can affect their bottom line is even more pronounced than many realize. Take a look at the most recent available data about Google search results and you'll see why.

Page 1 - 1st Position: 32.5 percent of traffic
Page 1 - 2nd Position: 17.6 percent of traffic
Page 1 - 3rd Position: 11.4 percent of traffic
Page 1 - 4th Position: 8.1 percent of traffic
Page 1 - 5th Position: 6.1 percent of traffic
Page 1 - 6th Position: 4.4 percent of traffic
Page 1 - 7th Position: 3.5 percent of traffic
Page 1 - 8th Position: 3.1 percent of traffic
Page 1 - 9th Position: 2.6 percent of traffic
Page 1 - 10th Position: 2.4 percent of traffic

Study those numbers for a second, because they are quite staggering. The top three results of any given search page generates a whopping 61.5 percent of the traffic. Every other slot COMBINED competes for the other 39.5 percent. Remember, trillions of Google searches were made in 2014, and the number of searches is destined to rise with the influx and prominence of more and more smart devices.

So, what does this mean for your business?

In blunt terms, it means your search ranking might be the difference between doubling your business and filing for bankruptcy. Say you manage a health clinic. If your business ranks in the top position for "24/7 Urgent Care," there's a 32.5 percent chance that every consumer who searches this term will browse your page. While not each of these consumers will patronize your business, you will have significantly better chance of winning it than your competitors.

The importance of a top ranking is even more stark for businesses that rely on eCommerce. In this new age of Internet shopping, some consumers eschew the prudence of traditional shopping for the expediency of impulsive Internet buying. In other words, some consumers are giving your competitors their business without even giving you a chance to show them what you have to offer.

The rules of the Internet aren't always fair, but there are ways to bend them in your favor. A few minor changes can significantly improve the "search-ability" of your website and elevate your ranking for contextually-relevant search terms.

The digital marketing experts at Rebuild Nation understand Google's ever evolving algorithm and can optimize your website and SEO so that your business' online presence increases its reach. If you have questions about your website's reach, and why your site ranks where it ranks on Google, reach out to Rebuild Nation at info@rebuildnation.com or call 855-725-3628.