Understanding Trump, the Pied Piper

Understanding Trump, the Pied Piper
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Donald Trump reminds me of the sales people who are good in putting the screws on people and getting whatever they want. He repeats the same words that you hear in high pressure sales spiels at the resort sales like “fantastic” “terrific” “great” – the choice is very deliberate with his memes and a limited vocabulary.

To understand Trump see the movie “Wolfe of Wall Street” Trump is like Dicaprio in the movie. They must have used similar tactics at Trump University to lure the simpletons to fork out their life savings.

Why do people fall for Trump? If you look at the history of any minority, be it Black, Irish, Italians, Jews or Catholics in the recent past, and Muslims, Hindus, LGBT, Hispanics and other minorities now, you see a common quest for recognition.

Trump has nothing to lose, but the average American has much to lose
Trump has nothing to lose, but the average American has much to lose
Pied Piper

The LGBT, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and members of other minorities love it when a Congressman, Senator or an actor speaks up kindly about them. They love the leader and become his or her defenders and promoters. Most leaders are genuine with a few exceptions. John McCain was authentic when he corrected the woman, “No, Madam. Obama is good family man….” And so was General Powell, who said, “So what if he is a Muslim?” These are unforgettable moments that Muslims Cherish, likewise there are moments like this for every community.

Trump's sympathy for the disaffected has earned him unprecedented loyalty
Trump's sympathy for the disaffected has earned him unprecedented loyalty

Trump has precisely made those statements about the disaffected White folks who will hang on to him dearly, just as the Jews, Muslims and others have done it. Trump has earned die-hard supporters.

Hillary needs to pay attention to this.

Those Americans, who have seen good times in the sixties through the 90’s with hiccups in the Mid-eighties, faced hard times after the economic collapse in 2006 brought in by Bush-Cheney’s reckless regime.

The Job losses, business closures, massive budget deficits, unprecedented home foreclosures, divorces and deeply disturbed family lives made it difficult for Middle America. No one talked about them; they were simply not a part of the conversation.

Obama has pulled the nation through the most difficult times; he deserves all the credit one can give and he will go down in the history as one of the top ten most influential Presidents. He was bold and saved the auto industry against the tide, he drove the nation towards a more perfect union.

However, when he prioritized health care over job creation in those difficult first months of his presidency, it was quickly and wrongly labeled as hand-outs for Blacks by those few who could not digest the idea that America has actually voted a Black man in as the President. Thus, the spark of racism was rekindled by the dirt bag politicians, shame on them.

Americans are not a racist people; we are an example to the world with our belief that all of us are created equal. We have to learn to live and pray for the redeemable racists.

Mr. Trump is the mellifluous pied piper ever born in our nation, his sympathetic talk about the Americans who are disaffected is inauthentic, but he has captured their imagination, and they would do anything for him. Facts don’t matter to them just as the Facts don’t matter to those in love.

Trump would care less if the country goes to dogs. He goes on with his life, and will continue to provide jobs in China, Mexico and elsewhere in the world, as long as it benefits him. His attitude is, if you don’t have a job that is your problem, if someone attempts to make sexual advances towards you, that is your problem, and you shouldn’t have been there.

I hope Hillary Clinton hears me out; I am not a Democrat but a Patriotic American who wants the good for my country.

It is time for Hillary to emphatically include the disenfranchised ones, as an American Muslim, who is deeply committed to build a cohesive America that is good for all Americans; I offer the following pluralistic solution.

“Hillary, please care for my fellow Americans who are hurt, they are White Americans who are ignored. They are honest hard working people who have seen good times, and now when the immigrants are prospering it is painful for them to see their quality of life decline. You have to pay attention and fix this fix. I know you are for all Americans, but it is time to reach out and embrace them, have a specific economic plan for them. If you don’t do it, the Pied Piper will bring a disaster to them and that will hurt every one of us.

My prosperity hinges on the prosperity of others around me, and my safety depend on how safe people are around me. It behooves me, you, and all of us to ensure that we ride the train together, and make sure no one is left behind.

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