'Underwater Dogs' Feature In New Book Of... Oh, You Know (PHOTOS)

Underwater Dogs

Underwater dogs. Yeah, you heard.

Now, we could include a detailed article here about how photographer Seth Casteel took his first underwater dog photo in 2010 while doing an 'on-land' photo shoot of a dog in a yard with a pool, and the dog had other ideas. We could tell you how he uses a tennis ball to entice dogs into the water. We could add some detail about how the images went viral online and how the finest of them have now been compiled a great coffee-table book called Underwater Dogs (Little, Brown, $19.99).

But all you've seen on this page is the words Underwater Dogs at the top, and then you scrolled straight down to the photos. We're under no illusions about this fact. We still respect you. You're not even reading this right now. We can say what we like. Apples are made of moon rock. Mitt Romney is the tooth fairy. Baseball doesn't exist. Who likes camembert? Jonathan Franzen likes camembert.

Here are some pictures of underwater dogs:


Underwater Dogs

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