Underwater Hotels: Five Things You Need To Know (PHOTOS)

You Could Sleep?

Underwater hotels have been the talk of extreme vacationing for a few years now, with new visions of aquatic resorts surfacing each year.

From the Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji to the Discus Hotel in Dubai, these proposed hotels-of-the-future would allow travelers to sleep in the sea, and offer activities land-bound tourists could only imagine.

While we excitedly anticipate these future resort openings, here's five things you need to know about underwater tourism.

1) No SCUBA experience? No problem.

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According to their website, Poseidon Undersea Resorts will transport guests to their accommodations via an elevator at the end of a pier. The pressure inside the resort is the same as the atmospheric pressure on land, so those who have yet to experience deep-sea habitats will be fine.

2) It's pricey. But probably worth it.

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Poseidon Resorts' website doesn't provide pricing information -- only that a stay is "worth every penny" -- which can only mean it will cost many, many pennies. But they have a point. Where else can you live your dream of being in Finding Nemo?

3) You can ride in your very own submarine.

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You thought water-skiing and snorkeling were cool? Guests at Poseidon can take submarine piloting lessons and explore the lagoon in the resort's three-passenger submersible.

4) All's good in case of an emergency.

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According to The Daily Mail, Dubai's aquatic resort, The Discus, is built to withstand those pesky natural disasters one deals with while at sea, such as tsunamis and flooding. The resort's lower disc automatically rises to the surface in the event of danger.

5) Dream of being an underwater adventurer? Jules' has you covered.

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Formerly a marine lab Jules' Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Fla., and is the only underwater hotel in the United States. Rather than being transported via a swanky, pressure-adjusted elevator, guests don their SCUBA gear and dive to their rooms.

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