Underwater Photography Exhibit By Andreas Frank Debuts On Sunken Ship (PHOTOS)

Underwater Photo Exhibit On A Sunken Ship

We sometimes complain when we have to endure an art exhibition in heels, but we can't imagine how it must feel to peruse an art gallery in full scuba gear.

Photographer Andreas Frank dove down to the Vandenberg, a United States missile tracking ship that had sunk off the coast of Key West, Florida, in 2009. He used these images from the wreckage as a canvas for an underwater world that never was, digitally manipulating a surreal civilization on board the ship. In this mythical oasis, children catch fish instead of butterflies, while others still can't tear themselves away from the television, even underwater.

To show his exhibition, dubbed "The Vandenberg: Life Below the Surface," Frank returned to the site of the original photographs, turning the sunken ship into an unorthodox gallery. Gallery goers dove underwater seven miles off the coast of Florida to see the sunken world in its native habitat.

Check out footage from the exhibition and see the images themselves in the slideshow below.

Vandenburg Project

Vandenburg Project

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