Underwater Proposal: Man Proposes To Girlfriend While Scuba Diving In Mexico (VIDEO)

Imagine taking a scuba diving lesson, but instead of finding clown fish and coral, your boyfriend hands you a diamond ring.

That was the case for an unsuspecting girlfriend, Emily, who thought that she was taking an underwater group photo while scuba diving in the Riviera Maya in Mexico with her boyfriend, Luke Kahren.

Kahren shocked his girlfriend when he pulled out a sign reading, "I love you. Will you marry me?" and offered her a diamond ring inside of a shell.

Kahren told broadcast news show "Right This Minute" that it took him six months to plan this proposal, but that he'd dreamt of proposing underwater since he was 16. "We've always loved the water," Kahren said. "I figured, what way to do it than underneath the water."

To see the unique proposal, watch the clip above.