Underwater Room At Pemba Island's Manta Resort Unveiled (PHOTOS)

If you've ever dreamed of sleeping under the sea, à la The Little Mermaid, your dreams can soon become reality at the Manta Resort's new underwater room.


The Manta Resort is located on Pemba Island, part of the Zanzibar archipelago off the coast of East Africa. The resort's newest feature allows guests to book a private floating island, part of which is submerged 13 feet below the Indian Ocean.


The room features plenty of windows so guests can watch fish and other sea creatures swim by. Forget about noisy neighbors, at Manta's underwater room, it's just you and the fish.


Above the water, two additional floors provide an airier atmosphere, including a terrace perfect for sunbathing by day and stargazing by night.


For those looking for a more traditional stay, the Manta Resort also offers stunning seafront villas and garden rooms.

Undersea tourism has garnered attention lately, with plans for underwater hotels popping up in countries like the UAE and Fiji. The unique experience lures travelers looking for a totally new type of vacation.

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