This Is What Happens When 20 Strangers Are Asked To Undress Each Other And Get In Bed

Undressing someone for the first time can be a little awkward -- best case scenario, it's adorably so. Slipping a shirt over someone else's head is usually easier said than done, and belts never unclasp quite the way you want them to.

You were all lips a minute ago -- now suddenly you're all thumbs.

Filmmaker Tatia Pilieva's "Undress Me," a sequel to her popular "First Kiss," portrays that clumsy sweetness perfectly.

"I asked strangers to undress each other and get in bed. Nothing else. No rules," writes Pilieva in the video description.

Since there are no rules for what they do once in bed, no rules are broken. A pair of trousers is, though.

The video is intended as a celebration of the work of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, pioneers in the research of human sexuality. They also made a practice of asking strangers to get in bed together.

Good work, everyone.

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