Unemployed? 5 Ways To Make The Most Of A Summer Search

Summer can be a difficult time for job-hunting, according to a recent survey by TheLadders, a website which matches its members with jobs. The survey, which reached out to over 200 of the site's members, found that more than 60 percent of job seekers said finding a job during the summer months was more difficult.

"Chronicling job-seeker behavior throughout the year, we see spikes in January, likely due to New Year’s resolutions and disappointing holiday bonuses, and again in September when kids go back to school," Amanda Augustine, job search expert for TheLadders, said in a statement.

Additionally, almost half of respondents found job-seeking to be more competitive during the summer. Job seekers also believe overwhelmingly that they face unresponsive employers. Nearly three-quarters of respondents believed that employers were less responsive during the summer.

With many employers taking summer vacations, Augustine acknowledges that it may take longer to get a response. She encourages people to persist through the summer months, however. "Summer is a fantastic time to jumpstart your job-search efforts because your application will have less competition, plus it offers numerous social events for networking and fine-tuning your elevator pitch," said Augustine.

Check out Augustine’s tips below to help prepare you for success.



Tips For Job Seeking Success