Unemployed Spanish Man, 25, Ordered To Leave Parents' Home And Find Job

A 25-year-old Spanish man has been ordered to leave home and find a job after he took his parents to court once they stopped giving him spending money.

As CNN is reporting, the man from Andalusia in southern Spain demanding a monthly allowance of $588 after his parents refused to give him anymore money unless he tried to find a job. The man, who has not been named in court documents, must now leave his parents' house within 30 days.

The judge ruled that in this case the man had "sufficient ability to work" and could not expect his parents to support him, although they will likely continue to cover their son's monthly car payment and will pay an additional $292 a month to help with his "emancipation."

Though the man's case is less surprising given Spain's youth unemployment rate of 43 percent (reportedly the highest in the European Union), the Telegraph notes he exemplifies a generation dubbed "ni-ni," as many are neither studying nor working. Though the man is reported to have been studying law, the court noted he was making slow progress on his degree, which he is not expected to complete for several more years.

As Euro Weekly News reports, the man also admitted to abusing and verbally insulting his parents.