Unemployedprofessors.com Has Professors Write Your Project For You

Website Has Professors Do Your 'Lame-Ass' Project For You

Have you ever gotten an assignment and said to yourself, "I do NOT want to do this!"

Unemployedprofessors.com, a website for the ethically challenged, provides in such times. Instead of you doing your own 'lame-ass' assignment (their words, not ours!), you put your assignment online and an "unemployed professor" bids on your assignment and does it for you.

So how unethical is this?

"Incredibly!" says unemployedprofessors.com cheerfully in their facts section.

The site offers every type of citation format imaginable. If you pay enough, they can write your paper as fast as you need it.

"It's the first I've heard of professors doing students' work," the president of the Concordia Student Union Schubert Laforest told the Vancouver Sun. "It just seems to hinder the academic process. The focus should be on acquiring skills, not trying to get an easy A. But I'm sure some students will take advantage of it."

In the wake of the Harvard cheating scandal and the Long Island SAT cheating ring earlier this year, it makes us wonder, are we becoming more unethical? Let us know in the comments section.

Correction: An earlier version of this story called the website "unemployedprofessor.com" in the headline and text of the story.

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