Unemployed In New York: Tell Huffington Post And Gotham Gazette Your Stories

The New York vertical is kicking off its first citizen journalism project with our news partner Gotham Gazette. Huffington Post New York plans to showcase articles that combine the unique knowledge of New York natives with the expertise of local reporters (read more about the plan here). Our first project will consider the hardship of the state's unemployed.

Last Thursday, the NY State Labor Department released data showing New York City's unemployment rate has rocketed to 8.7 percent. Throughout the entire state more than 800,000 people are unemployed, the highest number in 33 years.

The current maximum weekly unemployment check for an individual is $430. That's a very small number to get by on considering the least expensive monthly average rent in Manhattan is $1611.

If you rely on unemployment insurance or have contemplated heading to the unemployment office, we want to hear from you. How are you stretching $430 or less across a week? What sacrifices are you making? What help have you received in searching for a new job? Send your responses to and sign up here to join our New York citizen reporting unit.

Gotham Gazette will be using your stories for its investigation into the state's unemployment benefits.