'UNF--K THE GULF': Charity 'F-Bomb-A-Thon' Raises Money For Oil Spill Response (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'Unf--k The Gulf' Raises Money For Oil Spill Response With 'F-Bomb-A-Thon'

Thanks to MNN for bringing to our attention this hilariously vulgar charity that is raising money to help with the Gulf oil spill via their self-proclaimed 'F-Bomb-A-Thon'.

Unf--k The Gulf.com was started by Luke Montgomery and Nate Guidas, who are "mad as f--k" and want to channel the country's fuming anger toward BP and the oil spill into something more constructive.

By selling t-shirts and buttons, Unf--k The Gulf is raising money for different oil spill response organizations to "give them a helping hand as they clean up this f--king mess." Currently, four charities can be voted for on the site, including Louisiana Wildlife Rehabilitators Association, LA Gulf Response, Earthjustice (who is suing BP to prevent them from new drilling), and Greenpeace (who is engaged in a campaign to end offshore oil drilling). The charity that has the most votes receives payment from Unf--k The Gulf on the first of every month.

For every $13 t-shirt, $5 goes to the winning charity. So instead of just sitting around pissed off at BP, turn that anger into something positive and help 'Unf--k The Gulf'.

WATCH Unf--k The Gulf's 'F-Bomb-A-Thon' (WARNING -- NSFW Or Children):

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