'Unforgettable' Premiere: Manhattan Skyline Comes With New Job Offer Under Mayor (VIDEO)

After getting cancelled and then un-cancelled by CBS, "Unforgettable" returned in its new summer home with a shorter second season. Poppy Montgomery is back as Carrie Wells, who remembers everything she's ever experienced, but much of the rest of the show experienced a major overhaul.

She's still working alongside Lt. Al Burns, but this week saw the two of them take on a high-profile case under the watchful eye of the mayor, and more specifically, his man-on-the-ground, Eliot Delson (Dallas Roberts, "The Walking Dead"). They were offered an opportunity to move from Queens to Manhattan, and work with a bigger team and better equipment, directly for the mayor.

The new environment -- which feels a lot like USA's roster of summer fun shows -- is a cue to how the new season will change the tone of the show. Montgomery told Zap2It's Jay Bobbin, "We were a little heavier in tone in Season 1, and we're kind of brightening things up. I actually get to show my teeth and smile every now and then! Carrie's not quite as tortured this time, and when they told me about the new direction for the show, I got so excited."

David Hinckley of the New York Daily News wrote that the revamp definitely paid off. He gave the "playful" new season four stars, and called it "fast-paced and fun.” The big question now for CBS is if viewers will come back and give the show another chance.

The new season of "Unforgettable" continues on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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