After the 2016 Election: Why I Am Unfriending You On Facebook

You are a friend, but not really. You are more of an acquaintance, a relative on my husband's side whom I don't know very well. Clearly, we are polar opposites politically. I have tolerated many of your mean spirited posts by simply ignoring them. No more.

After going through the most bitter and vile election I have seem in my 71 years of life, a man even you have to admit has no qualifications to be President, other than being a non-politician and not Hillary, won. I get that you are happy now. If my candidate had won, no doubt I would be sharing some things on Facebook that would upset you.

But here's the thing. I would never be doing high-fives over defeating your beliefs and way of life. I would never post things on your timeline that I knew would be hurtful to you and those you love. And I will not let you do that to me.

You posted an Electoral College map that reflected, "Here's what the Electoral College map would look like if only millennials voted" and said, "What does it look like if only faries [sic] and unicorns voted!" I know you are a college and beyond educated woman, so surely you know that "faries" is a pretty offensive word. You will probably say you meant fairies like Tinkerbell, but you must understand this is what people our age called the LGBQT community back in the day. So on behalf of all of my friends from that community, I am deeply offended.

I am also offended on behalf of all of the Millennials in my life. Apparently, you do not see what is coming. These 18-29-year-olds are our future, and Clinton won 55 percent of their vote. Yes, many of them also selected third party candidates because they disliked both candidates, but the writing is on the wall, my ex-friend. When Trump described 2016 as "our (meaning white folks) last chance," I believed him.

In reference to the peaceful protests taking place following Trump's election, you posted that, "Non-rioters support Trump. Rioters support Hillary and Obama.
Which group do you belong to? That is simple logic." I guess you are excusing Trump's mean-spirited rallies in which his supporters chanted vile racist, sexist things that I won't repeat because they don't deserve to be written down, berated the press, and physically attacked folks who disagreed, all with Trump's approval. That's acceptable but a bunch of young people peacefully protesting is not?

A few other bigoted remarks:

  • In reference to the Middle East, you wrote, "They are shaking in their sandals already."
  • On a darling picture of my grandson wearing an "I Voted" sticker on what was also his fourth birthday, you wrote, "So now kids are voting in Chicago." When I corrected your assumption by telling you his family lives in Indiana, you wrote, "Seriously. I'll believe anything at this point." I guess a leftie like me must also be a liar. I guess you thought folks in my area would steal the election through voter fraud. And by the way, a better response would have been to wish him a happy birthday.
  • You wrote "I love it!!!!" about an article about how right wing Israelis are happy because now the notion of a Palestinian state is finished. Well, I have a ton of family in Israel. Do you? And my Israeli cousins are very unhappy there will be no peace for their grandkids and no justice for their neighbors, who happen to be Arabs. By the way, they all served in the Israeli army.

In your post-election analysis, you stated, "If Hillary took the popular vote, then there are a lot of people in those very small blue areas." Yes she did, and yes there are.

I recently attended a lecture at Northwestern University that backs up what PEW Research is telling us. So here are some actual facts for you to digest:

  • In 2012, more babies of color were born in America than white babies. If that upsets you, you probably don't like the fact that I have African-American grandchildren.
  • Asians, not Mexicans, now comprise the greatest number of immigrants to the US, so you don't have to worry so much about that wall. You probably don't like Asian immigrants either, which means you also don't like my half-Korean grandkids.
  • By 2042, whites will become a minority and by 2055, the U.S. will not have a single racial or ethnic majority. You and I will have to accept that, as white folks, we will soon be in the minority. I'm fine with that fact, but apparently you find it frightening.
  • According to Pew research, "Young adult Millennials are much more likely than their elders to hold liberal views on many political and social issues, though they are also less likely to identify with either political party: 50% call themselves political independents." Clearly, your values are on the way out and you are afraid.
  • Women are a force to be reckoned with. They are the sole or primary breadwinners in 40 percent of households, and that was a statistic from 2011. So like it or not, a woman will be President.

You have posted every ridiculous conspiracy theory about Hillary and even about President Obama. No doubt you think he is a Muslim born in Kenya. Even worse, you have made sarcastic remarks about special needs articles my daughter, who has twins with special needs, posted on her timeline. She blocked you long ago. Your thoughtless comments made her cry. But I hesitated about unfriending you, even then. And I am deeply ashamed of that.

If I have learned anything from Trump's victory it is that I have been too complacent and too much of a Pollyanna the last eight years. So now, I will go ahead and unfriend you, which is a huge deal for a polite woman like me who values family peace and harmony above all. Just wanted you and others like you to know why.