These Gay Guys Are The WORST... But Understanding Why Is Crucial


We all know the type: that certain breed of gay man who constantly uses cliché buzz words ― like “bottom” or Grindr ― to make surface level jokes tied to their sexuality.

The worst, right? Well, in this new video, “Unfunny Gay Guys,” from Trey Gerrald and Tim Murray, these obnoxious gay men are not only getting read for filth, but providing an important critique about the way that language functions in the gay community.

“The idea stemmed from a comment on a Facebook picture,” Murray told The Huffington Post. “Someone wrote #bottom on a picture of me as a chubby middle schooler wearing a pooka shell necklace and really unfortunate teevas. I was like ‘Well, that’s an unusual response to a picture with a lot of other things going on.’ Then I started noticing it in everyday life. Some people (not just gay people) don’t listen when you talk. They have an arsenal of ‘buzz words’ to use as stock answers to anything you say. That’s what the sketch is about. Authenticity.”

Murray went on to say that some have claimed the video is “fem shaming” in it’s critique. However, he told HuffPost that is the opposite of what he and Gerrald are trying to accomplish in “Unfunny Gay Guys.” 

“I want people to take away that they should be their authentic selves! Whether that’s femme, masc, male, female, trans, bilingual, don’t know any languages, silly, bland, super into tamagotchis it doesn’t matter! Just be you,” he continued. “I love being an out, proud gay man. And just like anything I love, I enjoy poking fun at aspects of it. As my hero RuPaul says, ‘Never take yourself too seriously.’ Or as the unfunny gays would say ― ‘too Syria-sly.’”

Check out “Unfunny Gay Guys” for yourself in the video above.