Ungodly Hubris: How The Right Is Overusing The Bible

The Bible is pretty clear about how people should live their lives. And in the U.S., faith-driven people no doubt identify more with the good book's heroes than its villains. Yet it's fair to ask, is this country living up to God's expectations?

When the last vote is tallied and the last yard sign pulled down, Democrats and Republicans must go back to being "one nation under God." That's especially important when we're beset by economic woes at home and a two-front war abroad.

As a minister, I'm mindful that most Americans are citizens of two kingdoms. They're loyal Americans, but they're also people of faith. Thus, their patriotism is tempered by their loyalty to a God who transcends all national and international boundaries whose precinct is the universe.

My father, who was a Baptist deacon as well as a World War II veteran, was such a patriot. Pop taught me that true patriotism is not a contest to see who can fly the biggest flag. True patriotism exists where citizens love their country enough to hold it accountable.

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