Students Feel Guilty For Texting During Class, Still Text During Class

A guilty conscience is not enough to dissuade college students from texting during class, according to a new study conducted at the University of New Hampshire.

The study found that of the 1,043 students questioned, 49 percent said they felt guilty texting during a class that expressly forbid the practice -- but 65 percent reported sending around one text message per class.

According to the study, business students text in class more than other students and women are more likely than men to text during class.

The survey was conducted by the members of a student research class taught by UNH adjunct professor Chuck Martin, who told the Chronicle of Higher Education that his students expected that other students throughout the university would, if given the option, want to be allowed to text during class. Only 40 percent of those questioned, however, agreed that texting should be permitted in class. Thirty-seven percent opposed the idea and 23 percent were neutral.

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