This Unicorn Hair Is The Definition Of Extra

You better hope this trend doesn't catch on.

We all love a good rainbow dye-job. But when the hairstyle actually involves a styrofoam unicorn horn, well, that’s just a line we won’t cross.

Watch the video below to see the mad scientists at Turnt Beauty take rainbow hair one step too far.

The video starts out adorably enough. The hairstylist dyes her client’s hair various shades of pink, blue and purple and curls it into beautiful ringlets. But then, the nightmare begins.

Yep. That’s a unicorn horn.

We’re crossing our fingers that this particular hairstyle doesn’t catch on. It’s hard enough to make our hair presentable in the morning without adding styrofoam props to the mix.

If you’re getting a head start on your Halloween costume, or you’re simply THAT extra, allow this video to assist you. Otherwise, we’d recommend the far more practical hidden rainbow trend.

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