This 'Unicorn Hot Chocolate' Is Liquid Dreams In A Cup

This stuff is *magically* easy to make at home.

If unicorns worked desk jobs, this would be their morning fuel.

Unicorn hot chocolate may just be the most sparkly, sprinkled drink you’ve ever seen. It’s pretty much impossible not to smile when sipping from this cup of happiness:

✨🦄✨To be a unicorn, one must drink like a unicorn.😊✨#unicornhotchocolate

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Unicorn hot chocolate is the brainchild of Joanna Czikalla, who runs Crème & Sugar Cafe in Anaheim Hills, California, with her dad, Mark Czikalla. Business has been “brisk” since unicorn hot chocolate began taking over Instagram, Mark Czikalla told HuffPost.

“The way it gets mounded up and spills over is a unique look,” he said. “People really dig it.”

If a unicorn isn’t around to give you a ride to California, you can make the drink at home: It consists of white hot chocolate ― a simple blend of milk, white chocolate and vanilla ― dyed pink and topped with whipped cream, pastel marshmallows and a fun sprinkle mix. Mmm, magic.

Y'ALL 😍🦄

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