Unicorn Pooping Rainbow Ice Cream Is A Dream Come True

"Softserve straight from a sphincter!" Squatty Potty ad boasts.

We so want to believe that No. 1: Unicorns exist. And No. 2 (cause this is all about No. 2): They crap swirling rainbow ice cream to dazzle our dreams and desserts.

Squatty Potty, the bathroom foot stool said to improve your pooping position, tantalizes us with the possibility in its hyper-viral ad. If the adorable feces synonyms (Ben & Jerry's?) and cheeky tone remind you of the original viral spot for PooPourri deodorizer, it should. It's made by the same Harmon Brothers marketing team, AdWeek points out.

But enough about that. Just watch our unicorn improve its loaf-pinching posture with the Squatty Potty. We need that unicorn to be in working order. As the man said, "Softserve straight from a sphincter."

It's like the goose who laid the golden eggs, only way better.

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