Find Out What Unicorn Tears Taste Like With This New Liqueur

It's a fairytale in a bottle.

If you're a big fan of fantasy and fairytales, you need to get down with the newest magical potion on the market.

Called Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur, this silver-flaked concoction is really ... something. And its makers want you to know that "Many, many unicorns were harmed in the making of this beverage."

The liqueur retails for $61.39 -- a bit pricey, but that's what happens when Firebox, the company that makes the gin, is forced to hunt down mythological creatures and trap their tears. Along with the tears, the drink also contains "100 percent edible silver pieces," so think of it sort of like Goldschläger.


The liqueur, which is sadly only available in the UK, apparently tastes like oranges, berries and maple syrup with a hint of spice. It contains 40 percent alcohol, so be prepared to get a little saucy.

"I can definitely confirm that the Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur is indeed real," Nicki Iodice of Firebox told The Huffington Post. "Although, I cannot confirm or deny if real unicorn tears were used."

Whatever -- still works for us. Drink up, magical people!

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