Unileaks Aims To Leak Universities' Secrets

WikiLeaks: Now For College!

Forget WikiLeaks. Unileaks is a new website devoted to providing "a place to post information on public interest matters relating to higher education."

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that the site was launched earlier this month by Australian activists and targets postsecondary institutions in Australia and the United Kingdom, but ultimately hopes to host the secrets of American colleges and universities as well.

The site's anonymous administrator, a former student at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, told the Chronicle that although the site has not yet generated Wikileak-level hype, he has received an "overwhelming "amount of information from the UK -- including an "entire e-mail repository" of one "large prominent university in the United Kingdom."

For now, Unileaks' administrator remains confident that highlighting corruption in higher education is a worthy endeavor. He told the Age, "If you look at WikiLeaks, that's the motivation [but] given it seems to be an all-encompassing site we feel that this stuff should be decentralised and ... that in the area of higher education there needs to be something specific.''

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