14 Quote Cards For People Who Hate Inspirational Quotes

“Eat like nobody is going to see you naked.”

If you feel like we’ve reached peak inspirational quote cards, the Instagram page Unspirational should provide you with some sweet, sweet relief.

Created by “The Bachelorexecutive producer Elan Gale, the sarcasm-laden account provides “inspiration” for the kind of days when you don’t give a damn about your diet:

Or when you just need a nap:

Gale told HuffPost he started the account back in 2014 as a response to the flood of happy-go-lucky quote cards already out there.

“I was getting sick and tired of all the inspirational quotes that seemed to just make people feel happy and numb,” he said. “Contentment is the death of progress.”

Gale used the slightly pessimistic project as inspiration for his new book, You’re Not That Great (but neither is anyone else).

“I need to share my passion for unpleasant emotions and the wonderful things that can come from embracing them,” he said.

To see more more uninspiring quotes, scroll down or follow Uninspirational on Instagram.

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